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Interview with Veronica Chavez

Questions & Answers:
Why is dentistry important for children?
2) What age should your child first be seen by a dentist?
3) Why is it important to see a specialized children’s dentist?
4) How do you find out if a dentist is a qualified pediatric dentist?




1) Why is dentistry important for children?

Well, firstly it promotes a positive understanding for parents and children alike of their child’s own teeth and oral hygiene for cavity prevention to create a healthy smile. A dentist can detect early signs of diseases and genetic inheritance or certain traits and advise a treatment plan. The children’s primary teeth are the foundation for their permanent dentition. So, it is of paramount importance that good habits are formed early on for a healthy smile and positive self image. Also a dentist can relieve dental pain that a child may be experiencing and thus change negative behaviors such as acting grumpy or agitated or poor eating habits as a response to this condition. Your dentist is a partner in your child’s health. After all, every child needs a dental home.




2) What age should your child first be seen by a dentist?

The American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric dentistry recommend that your child’s first dental visit be at 6 months of age. Some general dentists when asked by parents recommend 2 to 3 years of age due the fact that they may be uncomfortable with infants or do not have the appropriate facility and staff to handle infants. However, a specialized children’s dentist referred to as a Pediatric dentist will have the facilities and staff training to see your infant and will encourage parents to come in by the time their child is 6 months old.




3) Why is it important to see a specialized children’s dentist?

There are a many reasons but we can touch on a few here. A specialized children’s dentist, commonly referred to as a Pediatric Dentist, has advanced training. After becoming a general dentist a Pediatric dentist has another two or three year graduate training program. This program deals directly with the unique factors and techniques that are primarily related specifically to infants and children’s dental requirements.
A Pediatric dentist will gear their office and staff to your entire dental experience and to the ongoing needs of your child.

A Pediatric dentist will be able to deal with: the complexity of dental traumas, more severe dental complications, full and partial dental restorations with crowns and veneers along with regular check ups,
cavity detection, restoration and prevention.

A pediatric dentist is fully trained to do dental surgeries under general anesthetic (sleep dentistry). And a pediatric dentist’s advanced experience with children and behavior modification techniques usually leads to a more comfortable and satisfying dental experience for children and parents alike.




4) How do you find out if a dentist is a qualified pediatric dentist?

Like Crocodile Smiles Children’s Dentistry which is a specialized pediatric dental office, a parent can find this information by consulting the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists website at
and clicking the "Find a pediatric dentist" button.
[The phone number for the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists
is (312) 337-2169].

Parents are encouraged to ask if their prospective dental office
or dentist is an acredited Pediatric dentist.
Many parents are purposely misled by advertising that may state that an office sees children. This may not mean that there are any pediatric dentists at that particular clinic.

Although clinics set their own fees, parents will usually find little difference from an unspecialized dentist and a Pediatric dentist.
So really, awareness is the most effective way for a parent to find their own specialized pediatric dentist so that their child receives the most advanced and best possible care available them.

Crocodile Smiles Children’s Dentistry thanks Veronica Chavez
for promoting parental education in the field of Pediatric dentistry.


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